We are retiring Max and would love to see him go to a home that he could still do some racing and gtg trials or where he could go and do some hunting.   He loves to be outdoors and gets along well with other dogs for he most part.  Max is 6 years old and has never bred at this point.


This is Bailey, she is a 2 year old female that we only had one litter out of and are retiring from breeding.  She gets along with any dog we let her play with.   She is a rough coat and is not a playday kind of girl.  She would rather just run and play and be loved on.


IThis is Padderly he is a 7 year old stud that we are retiring.  He will not do well in just any enviroment.  He needs a home with fenced in yard as he will chase livestock and likes to fight with other males.  I will be picky on his home if placed.  He is a sweet boy but loves to work.


This is Val, she is a 7 year old female.  She generally gets along with other dogs.  She loves babies.  However she is not very fond of men so she will need to go to a ladies only home.  She can climb anything she wants so containment with her is sometimes an issue if not set up for it.  


Bella is a 2 year old and has never been bred.  We are in the process of scaling down on the larger breed dogs.