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Stud Dogs

Riverbottom Stonewall Jaxson


Jaxs turned 6 years old Feb. 2019.  He is a strong nice features and a great addition to any program.  Loves to work and play.  He is SCA, PLL clear and DM carrier.

Rock  Bottom Deigo


Diego is maturing out nicely and this will be his first year introduced to the breeding program.  He is already wide and thick,  we are excited about keeping this boy for service to the kennels.


Rock Bottom Padderly


Padderly is a 3 year old and has produced a few litters that have turned out very nice.  He is still young and we are excited to see what this boy has in store for him in the years coming.  

He is SCA, PLL clear and DM carrier.

Rock Bottom Turbo


Turbo will be 4 years old in June, 2019.  We have just started using him as a stud and he has already produced a puppy champ for his first litter.  We are looking forward to see what else comes with this boy.  He is SCA, PLL & DM clear.


Montrave Haggis

We aquired Haggis from our friends in Scotland, he was imported here as a pup and is turning into a nice addition to our kennels.  He will have is first off spring on the ground this spring.  He is SCA,  PLL clear and is a DM carrier.  He has been throwing some pups with alot of drive.

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